Training Workshops

My training workshops are different. First, they focus on what exceptional salespeople do better than everyone else. They are not just an explanation of a process. Participants will be involved, will have fun, and will leave with tools they will use the very next day in order to win. I will work diligently with you to customize every workshop to insure that highly relevant topics are covered, examples are used, and role plays are performed.

Each workshop can be provided seperately or combined for a longer event

Participants will also receive a free Sales Shot e-mail from me every week or two, to keep them focused on what they learn.

Winning B2B Sales Process (3.5 - 7 hours)

This is not an ordinary sales process course. While covering the 8 steps of today's version of the B2B sales process, I also cover the art and nuances of the successful selling experience. Rather than describing each step, participants learn what the exceptional salesperson does that is different from everyone else. Attendees will have fun, interact, participate, and leave well equiped to win the very next day.

Winning Advanced B2B Selling (3.5 hours)

This program takes the B2B Sales process to the next level. Here I cover topics such as preperation, strategy development, reading the room, account rationalization, prioritization, and selling real value and return on investment. Again, I will focus on what exceptional sales people do differently from everyone else. Your good salespeople will be great after they leave this workshop and they will win much more often.

Winning Negotiations (3.5 hours)

The win-win philosophy is a good long as more of the win is on your side. And it starts in this workshop. The negotiating role playing is a contest and winners are recognized and rewarded...just as they are in the real world. While participants will have fun, this is a no-nonsense workshop that will prepare them how to win more often in their negotiations. They will learn the financial importance of winning, how to prepare before they walk in the door, how to assess the situation, and how to negotiate a winning deal for your company. And of course, they will leave knowing how exceptional salespeople do it better than everyone else.

Winning with Upper Management (3.5 hours)

One of the most important things that exceptional salespeople do differently is they successfully sell to upper management. This workshop is a hands-on experience that will have your salespeople ready to successfully walk into any top decision maker's office. They will leave with a specific plan on who they will meet and how they will win.

Winning Presentations (3.5 -7 hours)

If your business success depends on how effective your presentations are, you need this workshop. This is NOT about how to use images and format slides. This is about preparation, strategy, structure, assessment, delivery, and of course, how to WIN THE DEAL. Advanced techniques will be presented that will allow you to change the game and blow your competition away.

Hot Seat (7 hours)

The Hot Seat is an intense, higher level workshop intended for groups no larger than 12. Participants will be given real life scenarios that they "sell" to a panel of their peers. Each session will be videotaped and then reviewed and critiqued by the group. They then sit in the "hot seat" again to use what they learned and see the benefits first hand. Each participant leaves with a flash drive with their before and after video so they can forever learn from their mistakes and improvement. This is a unique experience that dramatically improves performance, builds team chemistry, and shares best practices. Your team will win more often after participating.

Winning Sales Management (3.5 hours)

Managing salespeople is different from managing any other type of employee. In order to do it successfully your sales managers need to be trained on those differences. In this workshop I will cover how to hire the best and why it is important to fire those who don't perform. Your managers will learn how to inspire and motivate, set objectives, develop strategy, how to provide coaching, and how to develop a team of winners.

Winning Strategy (3.5 -7 hours)

The biggest mistake most companies make is not having a strategy at all. And the best companies are winning by being strategic. This workshop assures that you not only will have a specific strategy, but you will have a winning one. You will also participate in 12 specific steps to insure that every aspect of your strategy is met. You and your team will actively participate in its development and leave completely focused on what must be done in order to succeed.