Keynote Speech Topics

When you book me to speak at one of your events, you and your team become my top priority. I do everything in my power to deliver EXACTLY what you want. To start you will receive a 4 page questionnaire from me so that I will understand exactly what you want to accomplish at your meeting. That will be followed up by 3 phone interviews with key people from your company so I can get multiple perspectives of your organization. I then circle back with your point person and your meeting coordinator as many times as is needed to insure that no detail is missed. Then, and only then, I prepare a highly customized speech that accomplishes exactly what you want it to.

Speech topics include the following:

SALES - What Exceptional Salespeople Do Differently

Experienced salespeople will leave this speech motivated and with specific new sales tools they will use right away. Focused on what exceptional salespeople do differently from all the rest, your sales team will participate in a hands-on eperience that leaves them charged up and ready to sell.

My goal for this speech is to inspire, entertain, involve, and to arm your team with real tools that will insure they win. But most importantly, my goal is that you and the attendees are thrilled with the results.

Possible topics include Negotiation, Presentation Startegies and Techniques, Effective Questioning, Calling on Upper Management, Selling Value, and more. Everything is presented so your people are thinking and involved. They will leave knowing how an exceptional salesperson succeeds, and how everyone else does not. At your option, your sales people will receive free weekly Sales Shots (Sales tips) from me to keep them focused on winning sales ideas.

Customer Focus - Everyone is a Salesperson

When you want everyone in your company to focus on the customer, this is the message you want them to hear. Your employees will be motivated to think like a salesperson and to treat every customer in an exceptional way. Your employees will participate throughout and hear true stories that will inspire them to challenge themselves.

You will work with me to customize this session to include examples from your own company and to assure your employees leave repeating the message you want delivered.

Leadership - Hiring, Managing, and Motivating Individuals

Today's business environment means hiring, managing, and motivating employees is more important than ever. Your people must be your top priority. By hiring the best, inspiring the best, and keeping the best, all of your company objectives become much easier. Your managers will learn how to hire better, challenge more effectively, motivate superstars, and succeed in our challenging marketplace.

STRATEGY - Developing Strategy When Rapid Growth is Your Goal

If you are seeking rapid growth, the X strategy is the way to get it! You will learn strategy secrets for finding market opportunities and determining where, and how, to attack the competition. You will leave with a specific roadmap on how to create your own strategy that is different from anything you have tried before.

MOTIVATION/LIFE BALANCE - When Life Gives You a Lemon... Eat It

Utilizing real life inspiring stories, I will share motivation and methods for dramatically improving your life. You will learn exactly where you are, where you want to be, and how to get there. By sharing an extensive research project, you will find out what most successful and happy people have in common and how you can as well. All audience members are standing at the end...some on the tables!