Your meeting is not about me, it's about YOU and your team, and that is the way I approach it. When you book me to speak or train at one of your events, you and your team become my top priority. I do everything in my power to deliver EXACTLY what you want. To start you will receive a 4 page questionnaire from me so that I will understand exactly what you want to accomplish at your meeting. That will be followed up by 3 phone interviews with key people from your company so I can get multiple perspectives of your organization. I then circle back with your point person and your meeting coordinator as many times as is needed to insure that no detail is missed. Then, and only then, I prepare a highly customized speech that accomplishes exactly what you want it to.

If you insist on knowing about me, read on...

I began my business career selling jewelry on the streets of New York City. In order to pay my way through college I sold gas grills, cassette tapes, stereo equipment and worked the midnight shift at a convenience store. I stunk as a street vendor and share the humbling experience to illustrate how salespeople can learn how to be successful. It was during these challenging days that I began observing what the successful vendors were doing and what I was not.

Twenty five years later I started a consortium of some of the largest electrical distributors in the world. Within a few years we approached $200 million in sales by building a customer base of mostly Fortune 500 companies. I was a president and CEO for close to 20 years, participated on 3 Boards of Directors, and have spoken to, and worked with companies big and small all over the world. To name drop just a few, I have worked with Disney, Michelin, BASF, Pepsi, Land O'Lakes and many others.

From my days as a street vendor to my position as a CEO, I have collected literally thousands of ideas on what exceptional salespeople do differently from everyone else. I then consolidated those ideas into a book, The Sales Shot, which highlights the best of the best. Now, after learning more about your needs, I take from my experience and customize a message that meets your needs for a great speech or training program.